Policies & Procedures

It is our sincerest wish that you enjoy your experience at The Colts Neck Golf Club.

In order for you, your family & guests to fully enjoy these amenities, we have established the following policies & procedures to guide you in your visit to The Colts Neck Golf Club. If you have any questions or suggestions,  please feel free to make your concerns known to any of our attentive staff members or the management. We consider The Colts Neck Golf Club to be one of the finest golfing facilities in the industry and by working together with our membership, we can constantly strive to improve our facilities & service to better meet your needs.


All persons must, prior to use of golf course, check in with the Pro Shop. This will enable our staff to assist players in arriving promptly for your tee time. Also, there are occasions where players need to be reached while golfing, so the Pro Shop needs accurate information to assist our callers.


1. Members who bring guests to the golf course will receive a 10% discount on each guest greens fee. Please inform the Pro Shop staff when checking in that you will be including guests with your group today.
2. In order for guests to receive this discount, a Member of The Colts Neck Golf Club must accompany them.
3. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests while they are using the golf facilities.


1.  Junior golf guidelines are made primarily with regard to the safety of our youth. No children seven (7) years of age or younger will be allowed to play on the golf course unless they are accompanied by an adult. Children 8-15 years of age may play golf if accompanied by a sponsor 18 years of age or older. No one is allowed to drive a motorized cart, unless they have a valid driver's license.
2.  Children not golfing must be closely supervised at all times.
3.  The Junior golf rate will apply to all juniors eighteen (18) years of age and younger.


1. Fivesomes are not allowed on the course at any time unless approved by the golf course management.
2. Golfers may not tee off without permission from the golf shop. Each player must show a receipt to the starter and upon request to the course host.
3. No twosomes will be allowed on the golf course until at least two foursomes have teed off. This will allow the turf maintenance staff ample time to prepare the golf course.
NOTE: Any person(s) who do not follow the above policies will be subject to loss of golfing privileges.


1. Tee times will be accepted by the Pro Shop up to 21 days in advance for Kentucky Derby and Preakness members, 14 days in advance for Belmont members, 10 days in advance Haskell members, and 7 days in advance for non-members. Members may book more than one tee time. Non-members booking tee times will be required to use a credit card.
2. Golfers with a tee time are required to check in at least 15 minutes before their tee time with the Pro Shop. Golfers who fail to do this may lose their tee time and be placed on a waiting list. Golfers not having a prearranged tee time will be placed on a waiting list and will be matched with a group as soon as possible.
3. Golfers will be charged for all "No Shows" if they book a tee time and do not notify the Pro Shop that they will not be using the tee time. Cancellations must be made to the Pro Shop at least 24 hours in advance.


A golfer without a prearranged tee time will be placed on a waiting list with the Pro Shop. Each person on the waiting list must be present and ready to play when called to the tee. The waiting list is maintained on a first come first served basis.


1. Nine hole rain checks may be issued if players fail to complete nine holes of play.
2. Golfers who start their round after inclement weather has begun will not be issued a rain check.


1. All requests for golf tournaments (minimum of 12 players), team matches, social events, or special events must be coordinated with the Pro Shop.
2. Tournament events must be scheduled at least one (1) month in advance to ensure that advanced bookings by members do not conflict. A tournament planning form will be furnished to the person coordinating the event. The time & date of the event, the type of tournament requested, the number of players involved, and other pertinent information will be collected. A tournament deposit of $1000 will be collected when the event is booked. The event must be paid in full prior to date of tournament.
3. Food & Beverage arrangements need to be made through the Food & Beverage Manager. For all functions and/or events, only food & beverages purchased from the golf club will be allowed to be served in the clubhouse or on the golf course.


Appropriate casual attire is permitted at the driving range ONLY. This includes but is not exclusive to: denim, tee shirts, sweatshirts, & sneakers. If you plan to use the course after the driving range, please make sure you have the appropriate golf club attire with you to change if need be. This includes:
1. Men - collared short or long sleeve shirts
2. Slacks or shorts of a cotton or similar material. No denim or blue jeans are allowed on the course.
3. Women - skirts or skorts, shorts or pants of a cotton or similar material
4. No metal spikes allowed (soft spike or flat rubber soled shoes only).


Rangers shall assist course management in insuring that "all" course rules are followed. If a golfer violates a course rule or regulation, the Ranger will explain the proper procedure. Should the golfer fail to heed the advice of the Ranger the details of the incident will be reported to the Pro Shop for action. The Ranger has the authority to request any member or guest to leave the course for noncompliance with the rules. The Rangers are authorized to regulate play and to maintain an acceptable pace of play.


1. USGA rules of golf apply at all times except as amended by the local rules. Local rules are available in the golf shop, when applicable, and/or are printed on the score card for your review.
2. Obscene, profane, or abusive language will not be used or tolerated.
3. Players are expected to replace all divots & to repair all ball marks on the greens. Also players are to rake sand smooth in bunkers.
4. Each player must have his/her own set of clubs and bag. No more than one player may play from one bag.
5. Carts (hand or power) will not be pulled or driven in the areas between the green and surrounding bunkers or across the tee box areas or greens.
6. Throwing clubs or willful damage to the course (i.e. damaging of greens or hitting club into the ground and causing damage) will not be tolerated.
7. Extreme care should be taken when removing and replacing the flag stick. The putter head should not be used as a retriever to extract golf balls from the hole.
8. Allow faster groups to play through. Please adhere to the "ready golf" policy whenever faster groups are present.


1. No more than two riders (no matter the age of the occupants) may occupy a power cart at any time due to safety reasons. Power carts must be driven using the 90 degree rule, unless instructed by the Pro Shop. Players requiring special cart rules (e.g. handicapped/injured) are to keep carts at a minimum of 30 feet from all greens and tee boxes. Please follow all course signage where possible.
2. In order to operate a power cart, a valid driver's license is required to be in the possession of the driver.
3. During inclement weather or extreme wetness, all carts must remain on approved cart paths or designated areas at all times.
4. Players will be required to double up on carts; only two (2) carts per foursome unless approved by the Pro Shop.
5. Please leave the cart key in the cart after completing your round.
6. Carts are allowed in the parking area in order to pick up and drop off clubs. After completion of the round, please return carts to the cart staging area.
7. Users will be held responsible for any damage to power carts.
8. Carts may only cross the street by way of the tunnel.


Players renting clubs are responsible for returning them in good order. All players renting clubs must fill out a club rental agreement and leave a driver's license or credit card as security for the rental. Players will be charged for damaged or lost clubs. Consult the Pro Shop for details.


1. Slower players/groups should always allow faster players/groups to "play through." Slow play is defined as not keeping pace with the group ahead, or having a complete hole not in use in front of the group when the course is crowded.
2. SAVING TIME! Our goal is to complete all 18 hole rounds in 4 hours or less. Each group should strive to complete each 9 holes in 2 hours or less. Golfers, please help us accomplish our time goals by playing "READY GOLF." For example:
A. Be ready to hit when it is your turn. Don't wait for someone to say "you are away."
B. Think about your next shot as you are walking to your ball. Think about club selection before you arrive at your ball.
C. While someone else is hitting, size up your own shot or putt; have the club you want ready. Take your practice swing and be ready to hit.
D. If you are far enough away from the player who is hitting and it will not disturb their shot, go ahead and hit.
E. If the player with the Honor is not ready, go ahead and hit. Protocol is nice, but speed of play should take precedence.
F. SHOTS DO GO AWRY! Mark their line with some physical object so you can find it readily. Do not spend more than 5 minutes looking for your balls. Play a provisional ball whenever allowed by the Rules of Golf.
G. Slow players/groups may be asked by the Ranger to speed up play. Please comply with their instructions without discussion.


While it is an old axiom, there is possibly no better advice regarding etiquette that to give your fellow golfer the same consideration you would expect him/her to extend to you.
1. Do not hit until the group ahead is safely out of range.
2. When a hole is completed, move on to the next tee box before you mark your scores.
3. Course maintenance personnel have the right of way at all times. For their safety, do not hit until they wave you up or readily acknowledge your presence.
4. Golf instruction on the golf course will not be conducted except by personnel authorized by the Pro Shop.
5. It is suggested that beginner golfers practice and receive instruction before trying to play a round on the course. Beginners should try to play when the course is not crowded. More enjoyment will result for all golfers.
6. All golfers & patrons are expected to conduct themselves as ladies & gentlemen at all times.